Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Typical rebels

Kollapramban Abdu Haji, a fanatical ignorant, brute, thirsting for blood and ready to die,(statement of his colleague  Karat Moideen Kutti Hajj) hated Hindus. He even  wanted to murder congress leaders K  Madhavan Nair and U. Gopala Menon  and hated their names being linked with the  Khilafat leaders like the Ali brothers . He committed a large number of atrocities, was a member of the Pukkottur gang and belonged to Melmuri. ( K Madhavan Nair and U Gopala Menon were leaders of the Congress who toured Malabar for setting up Congress- Khilafat committees )
-       Hitchcock, P190
            Maravakulath Abdulla Kutti, the Tirurangadi house breaker released from Manjeri lock up became another prominent rebel gang leader. He committed a large number of atrocities operating from Tirurangadi along with Chittambalam Kunhalavi.
- Hitchcock, P194
The notorious Nannambra atrocities were his crowning achievement.

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