Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Attacks at Nilambur ( August 21, 1921 )

On the night of August 20, the Pukkottur rioters moved 20 miles east of Nilambur instead of moving towards Thirurangadi as expected. There were some 200-300 Pukkottur men along with with some men from Melmuri. They arrived at Nilambur early morning on 21st August ( Sunday ).
The group of rioters was not recognized by the residents of the Kovilagam  for some time as the rebel convoy looked like a procession. The mob was attacked by Veluthedan Narayanan, a ‘velichappad’ ( oracle ) of the Kovilagam temple ( whose family still stays near the Kovilagam ) and slashed several rebels in a frenzy and in turn was hacked to death.
The rioters damaged the front door, but could not enter the Kovilagam.
Another group ran to the river and killed two women who were bathing. One woman pleaded for her small child who was sitting on a nearby rock.
An attempt on the temple was made through the 'Oottupura' but the rebels could not enter the inner chamber as they were  ignorance of the layout.
The Kovilagam women waited upstairs with boiling oil for pouring on the rebels and the men were below with guns. The rebel attack was attack repulsed. Subsequently, the family went to the jungle and suffered great hardship. A child was also born among the refugees during this flight. Finally the refugees finally made their escape using covered boats down the Chaliyar. They arrived at Calicut on the morning of 21st September 1921.

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