Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Gandhiji's comments on the Mappila riot

“ My heart bleeds to think that Moplah brethren have gone mad,I am grieved to think that they have looted Hindu homes leaving hundreds of men and women homeless and fondless and they have killed officers. I am grieved to think that they have endeavored forcibly to convert Hindus to islam and by all these acts they have done an injury. “
-          Sep 19, 1921 at Trichanapoly

“The Hindus, instead of running away to save their lives would have been truly non violent and would have covered themselves in Glory and added luster to their faith and won the friendship of their Mussalman assailants if they has stood bare breast with smiles on their lips and died at their post”

      -‘Young India’ May 29 , 1924

 “He who is kind to the cruel ends up being cruel to the kind.” - Old Talmudic saying


  1. You are doing a great job documenting these atrocities, please continue.

    For too long the truth has been hushed up in the name of communal amity and these Moplah murders of Hindus turned into freedom fighters by the Communist Kerala gov't!

    I am sharing this websites with all the people I know.

  2. It is high time that the truth of the so called freedom struggle came out.

  3. Great work Sir. There has been and continue to be relentless efforts by Historians, eating the pie of Muslims, to document Moppila Lahala as a war against the British Empire and not a communal one. In fact, Moppila lahala was noting more than a Communal genocide perhaps 10 times the size of Gujarat meted out against the HINDUS by the Muslims or Moppilas as they are commonly referred to in Kerala. Historians, cultural envoys, movie makers, intellectuals who are stuffed with Muslim gifts so and so forth of the society are on an all out effort to rewrite history otherwise depicting Moppila Lahala as a gallant freedom struggle by the Muslims against the British. The Education Ministry of Kerala, in the hands of Muslims for the better part of 43 years since the inception of the State of Kerala, has already altered school text books to reflect a view point praising the Muslims and ridiculing the Hindus of the period. This should not be left to happen. Blogs like this, carried forward by the social media, certainly helps the cause and to this effect, kudos to you.

    Gandhi was the sole person who has brought about the disastrous condition of downgrading Hindus and elevating Muslims for his very own personal agenda. He might be the Father of the nation, but to a generation who were/are born later on, he is a messiah of destruction of a Nation by allowing Muslims to reside here when an opportunity was there to kick them out of here, an opportunity that would never ever come again and on the contrary, leaving a fear than a Hindu Rashtra might disappear in the near future because of the fanatic onslaught of the Muslims - an agenda they cherish because their prophet said so!

    If only the Hindus united!!!!! Vande Mataram.


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