Tuesday, 23 August 2011

On the Christians at Kodakal ( Oct 2, 1921 )

Kodakal is situated 1 ½ miles Northwest of Edakulam Railway Station and ½ mile north of Tirunavaya.  There is a tile factory whose chimney can be seen from the Edakulam station. The manager Mr.Coultass was held as hostage by the Mappilas during the Tirur phase of the rebellion.  About 1000 Christians reside here.  The Tile factory stands roughly on the spot where the Zamorin stood during the days of Maamankam.  Most of the Christians were employed in the tile factory.

                        On 2nd October at 11 pm 200-300 Mappilas converged on Edakulam Bazaar.  The rebels sought out a Christian tailor but he was hiding below a culver having received prior information from friendly neighboring Mappilas . The rebels with lighted torches moved in a procession shouting  threats promising dire consequences. They  went to Tirunavaya but could not get at the Adhigari.  They then went to Kodakal, entered the tea shop of one Sukumaran, and Killed Jacob and Isaac who were sleeping there.  There they attacked a school  master Yeshumitran and his 5 children, the former died while the children received injuries.  The houses were surrounded, occupants thrown out and looted. Finally hearing that troops were on the way the Mappilas  left.

                        The Christians fled after this, some to Calicut and some to Palghat.  Mr.   Coultass of the Tile Factory had to leave Kodakal by November 11th and seek police protection in Tirur. Dacoities and lootings were the order of the day.
- Madhavan Nair, P 217

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