Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Murders – different strokes

Thenhipalam amsam on the route from Tirurangadi to Ramanattukara was attacked on October 10th and murders committed.  Thirty armed rebels went to the house of the brothers Cheku and Velu asking accommodation for the night and on being refused butchered them while their sister fled.  Several other murders and lootings were committed here.

                        The murders at Tuvvur were after the Dorsets went through Ernad. The victims were men who assisted the troops. The coolies who assisted the Gurkhas were murdered at Vengur while in Muthumana Illam it was refusal to convert which resulted in killing.  

Those killed at Shornur were people who were not known to the rebel leaders and the murders were simple criminal acts. Harmless and poor Hindus, women and children were butchered by people who knew them all their lives.

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