Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Attacks on the Chaliyars ( weavers ) of Tanur ( Oct 6, 1921 )

On 1st October the police conducted a raid on Muchikkal near Tanur  The street at Keraladeshwarapuram near Tanur was known as a 'weaver street' with a good numbers in the weaver residing there. Mappilas had inflicted serious injuries on 6 weavers of whom 2 had grievous wounds.  Both the Mappilas and weavers ran away but the events did not end there.

                        Five days later, on 6th night, a band of 200 or so Mappilas from the amsams east of Tanur attacked the weaver street at Keraladeshwarapuram 1 ½ miles south of Tanur Railway Station and killed 7 men and wounded 4 others including 2 children.  Several houses were burnt.  A few of the assailants were identified but the amsams from which they came were very difficult to tackle then. The weavers (Chaliyars) left as refugees, to Calicut and Trichur and they were the first to receive help from the Congress Relief Committee at Calicut.

- Madhavan Nair P 216 / Tottenham P 247

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