Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Start of the 'Direct action'

Small incidents as if to test the authorities resolve went unchecked. The violent men were not dealt with and this was a sign of the evil that would overtake Malabar.

- On 12th July 1921 Ali Musaliar and his volunteers told the Panampuzha ferry man near Tirurangadi not to charge fees, as Government need not be paid. A Khilafat boat would be henceforth kept at the ferry. The local police could not make arrests or even question the accused in the face of organised opposition.
- On July 24, 1921 a  pro khilafat Ulama was announced at Ponnani. Ali Musaliar with 50 – 100 armed volunteers with big khilafat knifes marched under a red flag shouting slogans.
The police waited on the bridge one mile east of Ponnani and there they tried to obstruct Ali Musaliar’s gang which was led by him and his two assistants Lavakutti and Kunhalavi. The agitators pushed aside the Police. The sub Inspector was beaten and his cap fell down into the stream and ‘Like children’s boat’ went adrift. The marchers  reached the meeting by small paths and the meeting was a big success.
            This incident was the first violent act since the non co-operation movement of the Khilafat started on the 1st August 1920.
- On 29th July Ali Musaliar went in a procession with volunteers and conducted special prayers for a Kabul man who had died recently and the proceedings of the Karachi meeting were read in the Mosque.
            A toddy shop keeper’s coolie and a woman were assaulted by Mappilas at Palathingal and toddy pots broken.
-       Tottenham , P16

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