Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Murder of ‘Harlots’ ( Oct 10, 1921 )

Iyyalliath Umma and Kunhatunni were sisters who lived with their mother Ittachitti at Karyavattom. On 10th October 1921, about 100 armed rebels led by Chembrasseri Thangal, who was dressed in a black coat, came to the house of these women. Graves were dug in front of their house. The mother and Kunhattunni were brought out and beheaded and their ears were cut off in order to remove their ear rings. There were a large number of witnesses including the surviving sister. As per the the judgments in cases No 143A of 1922 ( On 21st Nov 1922 ) and case number 142 of 1922 ( On 22nd Dec 1922 ) the accused were sentenced to death. The motive for the crime was that - as per Khilafat rule, immoral women deserved to be beheaded.

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