Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Perversions at Karipath

Karat Moideen Kutty Haji’s gang moved to Karipath house in Urangattiri. Except for some bell metal vessels no valuables were left in the house.  Kalluveettil Kunhalan Kutti (son of Kalluveettil Ahamed Kutty who in turn was helped greatly by the Attapurath Namboodiri) was a part of Karat Moideen Kutty’s gang at Karipath. He stayed there for 15 days. The gang made arrangements to watch the movements of troops.  As per Karat Moideen Kutty’s own admission he converted over 500 Hindus from Vilayil, Arikkod, Iruvetti, Tanur, Parappur, Urangattiri, Vakkalur and other places.  He did not have to stir out of the house as the Hindus were forcibly brought by the rebel Mappilas to there.  V.K. Haji also came here to stir up the rebels to attack Kondotti. However this assault did not materialize.     
                        V.K. Haji in his statement to the police said “I went there because I heard Moideen Kutty Haji was doing many forcible conversions and other wrong things.  Abdu Haji, Koya Kunhi Koya Thangal were also there.  I asked the Hindus whether they came voluntarily.  They said yes.  I told them to run away home and if they wanted to come back later’.  Of course he knew that the consent to convert was an alternative to being hacked to death.

                        Kolangara Kanaran Nair’s report in Kerala Patrika of 26-11-1921 and Kanara Thangal’s statement show some understanding and co-operation between Karat Moideen Kutty Haji and Kanara Thangal on conversions.

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