Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Death before dishonour ( Sep 26, 1921 )

On 26th September 1921, 60 rioters with a gun and some swords broke the culvert of Angadipuram - Pandikkad road 3rd mile. At Pullikuth half a mile away they saw a party of refugees going to Angadipuram fleeing from Chemmaniyad and Melattur. The refugees were fleeing mappilas led by V.K. Haji and Chembrasseri Tangal.  The rebels outraged the women among the refugees. Unable to bear this, Taliyalik Raman and his brothers Ayyappunni and Ayyappan attacked the rebels with their knives.  Raman was shot dead by Pattani Mammath, the man with the gun, and his brothers were severely injured with swords.  By then, 200 refugees had collected on the scene and the rebels bolted towards MelatturAmu Sahib arrived with troops but the rebels had fled leaving a bomb and some implements used for breaking the culvert.

Desecration of Mondambalath Musad’s temple at Rorayur took place 3 miles from Kondotti and was done by the Mongam triangle gang. Prior to the rebellion, a member of this family had arranged a Khilafat meeting !
- Hitchcock P 171

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